You can generate significant revenue using our proven program without the expensive investment of your time, or the hassle and delay of creating, developing  and marketing an untried process. 

Since 2002 we have been providing this service for the Joplin Municipal Court.  We have a successful history and continue to satisfactorily meet the needs of the justice system, merchants and offenders in our area.

Now we are offering the opportunity for other providers who qualify to purchase our program and replicate our success in their locations throughout the U.S.A.

Why address shoplifting in your practice?

Shoplifting as a crime is overshadowed by the more violent or high-risk offenders referred to treatment programs for domestic issues, violence or addictions.  Misdemeanor larceny (petty-theft) is very costly to the community and is a neglected service area that will provide the atypical theft offender an opportunity to access mental health treatment rather than punitive criminal sanctions.

Is there a need in your location?

You might be surprised!  Recent statistics indicate as much as 25 BILLION dollars are lost annually due to shoplifters and that only one in every eight to twelve shoplifters are apprehended.  Many regional court systems are seeking prosecution alternatives.  With our program your practice could answer this treatment demand.

    Why add our program to your practice?

    Because you can decrease your dependence on
   reimbursement from insurance companies by adding
   another payor source.

HEALTHePATH Associates, Inc. has offered the Positive Returns Program since December 2003, prior to that our CEO and program developer Terry Richardson, "fine-tuned" the Positive Returns Program and trained staff providers to present it in an outpatient healthcare setting.

Contact us to discuss how this program can be easily integrated into your growing practice.

Generate revenue for your practice with alternative treatment solutions, decrease dependence on insurance companies.
Why address shoplifting in your practice?
Is there a need for shoplifting treatment programs in your location?
Eight hours per week could generate an additional $15K - $25K (or more) annual revenue for your practice with  the Positive Returns Shoplifting Treatment Program!
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Please visit our "Testimonials" link to read our program reviews and hear what other people are saying about the Positive Returns program.
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